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As we all know, remote working has increased this year more than ever. For pet parents, this has some pros and cons.

Pros of Working from Home with Your Dog

Here are some pros of working from home with your dog:

  • Decrease in loneliness as a result of isolation and remote work.
  • Increase in your happiness. Let’s face it, these day’s it takes a bit more work to tune things out that lead to everyday stress. Having a dog around has shown to improve our mood and lower our stress levels. After all who wouldn’t feel comforted by some extra snuggles and those adorable faces every pup makes? Take a look at your pup right now. I can almost guarantee their expression is Instagram worthy.
  • Increase in attention and happiness for your dog. Our dogs love these stay-at-home workdays! More than likely, they are getting more attention, more treats, and hoping this lasts forever.

But let’s be honest… working with your new furry co-worker isn’t always the easiest. Between Zoom calls and other everyday distractions, it can be hard balancing time with your dog.

Cons of Working from Home with Your Dog

Here are a few cons of working from home with your dog:

  • Distracting barking or whining.
  • Your dog might want to play constantly and might fight for your attention.

Tips to Keep You and Your Furry Co-worker on Track

  1. Start the day by being active. You may have always gone on your morning walks, but starting the day off with a bit more activity than usual is a great way to let you and your pup blow off some steam. If you typically take a walk around your neighborhood, maybe try a light jog around your local park. The workout and the change of scenery might be just what you both need.
  2. Stay organized and keep a schedule…seriously! It might seem obvious, but it takes most people quite a bit of organization and discipline to be a good remote worker. As work comes in, try writing everything down and then prioritize what needs to get done first. As your day goes along, cross off tasks as you complete them. And of course, include your pet in your schedule. Make sure to make room for the time they will eat, playtime, potty breaks, etc. An remember to keep important dates on your schedule such as vet appointments.
  3. Create your new dog-friendly workspace. Have you considered whether your workspace works well for you AND your dog?
  4. Try keeping your dog busy with interactive toys. Treat puzzles are a great way to keep your dog occupied while you work. It will stimulate them mentally, which can be just as tiring as being physically active.  You might also consider filling a Kong with peanut butter and freezing it. These come in different sizes and can be filled with your dog’s food, pumpkin, or favorite treat. You might want to add some MaxDaddy CBD Oil, to the mixture to help keep them calm.
  5. Remember to reward your pup for good behavior. If your dog is learning how to co-exist with you while you’re working, let them know when they are doing a good job staying calm and not being distracting. MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets are a great way to help keep them calm and reward them with their delicious bacon and peanut butter flavor.

We hope this post is helpful and gives you some great ideas to keep you and your dog happy while working from home.

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