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Every pet is different, and we understand that some may not like taking CBD straight from the bottle. That’s why MaxDaddy offers three different types of CBD formulas for dogs. We also like to provide tips and tricks whenever possible, to give you more ideas on how to introduce CBD to your pet. Keep in mind that giving your pet any new product might take a couple of tries. If one method doesn’t work, don’t lose hope! We have a few different options and ideas for you. We want your pets to be healthy AND happy! So keep reading to find out what will work best for your furry best friend.

Ideas on how you can administer CBD to your dog:

  • Place CBD oil into their empty food bowl. While this may seem too easy to work, there is actually a great reason why this method is genius! Your pet’s food obviously goes in their bowl so when you place their recommended CBD dosage into it, the CBD mixes with the scents that they relate to their food. This will help them to lick it right out of the bowl. The bacon flavor in our MaxDaddy CBD Oil, also makes this option an easy win!
  • Mix in with their food. MaxDaddy Bark Dust is a delicious pumpkin and bacon-flavored CBD powder that can easily be mixed in with your pup’s food. The new grain-free formula has 36% more active CBD in each scoop, so you can be confident your dog is getting a good dose. Simply use the serving chart on the back of the package for recommended serving sizes. If you prefer using oil, our CBD oil can also be mixed into their food.
  • Give them a treat! What dog doesn’t go crazy for treats? MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets makes it easy and fun to give your pup a healthy dose of CBD. All-natural and grain-free, each hard chew has about 3mg of CBD. This method is especially convenient when you are on the go or traveling with your pup.
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For cat parents:

  • Mix with a little tuna juice or fish oil.  This trick can make our MaxTabby CBD Oil absolutely irresistible for your cats!

Don’t forget

  • CBD oil gives you the most control in administering a precise dose of CBD to your pet but when you have a fussy pet on your hands, try mixing things up! For more information on how to administer MaxDaddy CBD pet products, check out our downloadable dosing guide.
  • Preliminary research suggests CBD can help restore balance in the body and may have positive effects on the nervous system, immune system and the GI tract.*
  • Always make sure that you are giving your pet a high-quality CBD product. MaxDaddy products use the highest quality full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD. MaxDaddy products are regularly tested by independent laboratories to verify CBD dosage and to ensure the safety of our products.
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