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Two years when my good friend and business associate Nathan Schmitt told me he had an idea for a new business. I asked, “What business might that be?” “Doggie treats with CBD,” Nathan said. Nathan went on to explain that he has a rescue dog with serious anxiety issues and was using CBD with great success to calm his dog’s anxious nerves. “That’s interesting,” I thought to myself. I decided to get behind the idea and offered to help Nathan by providing the business architecture to build a business around CBD treats. Our website, was launched.

As we began to build the business, I realized that I wasn’t in sync with other pet owners. I didn’t understand all the fuss about furry family members. To be successful in the pet business, I needed to learn why pets are so important to their pet parents.

A Cat Named Skinny

My wife Pascale, nicknamed Snuggle Muffins, has a cute little cat named Skinny. Skinny is Snuggle Muffin’s baby; her daughter, her grandchild, her best friend, all wrapped into one love bucket. I am always friendly with Skinny, but that’s about as far as the relationship goes. I’ve been so busy scurrying through life to appreciate something that is obvious to most pet parents. I had a sense of Snuggle Muffin’s relationship with Skinny, but I’m now in tune with what I’ve been missing… Snuggle Muffins has a deep, loving “give and take” relationship with Skinny.

Over the years, I have become very fond of Skinny. When I am home, she follows me around from room to room like a puppy dog. I keep asking Snuggle Muffins, what does it mean when Skinny follows me around? I’m still figuring this one out.

Living Along Pee Alley

We live along a quiet street along the Willamette River dubbed by the locals as “Pee Alley.” Why such a name? It seems condescending and demeaning to give the road just past one’s front yard such an awful nickname.

Skinny and I frequently sit together outside gawking at the folks strolling by with their doggies. Some dogs are enjoying the walk. Some dogs are nervous around other dogs or loud noises. Some dogs drag their parents down the street. And some dogs like to stop and greet all of the other dogs along the way. The one thing all of the dogs have in common, is that they all delight in taking a quick pee on the fence on the opposite side of the street… hence the nickname “Pee Alley.”

As Skinny and I take in all of the interactions between people and their pooches walking along Pee Alley, I have developed a deeper understanding of the relationships between pet parents and their furry family members. I am now in tune with what has been going on all around me, but without me. I have learned how to let love in.

I have come to understand that living here on Pee Alley is one of the greatest emotional and business gifts I have ever received. Our little “golden alley” is turning into a goldmine many times over with so many dogs that can benefit from CBD.

If you have a dog with anxiety issues or mobility challenges, consider trying dog treats with CBD or CBD oil. CBD comes from whole-plant hemp and is safe for dogs. It is non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t get your dog high. When a dog experiences stress, it causes a chemical imbalance. CBD bonds with your dog’s cannabinoid receptors and can help bring your dog back into emotional balance. Want to know more? Learn how CBD works in pets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given us all a time out to reflect on what is important and what really matters. Thank you, Skinny! I love living with you and the time we share together watching the world as it passes by along Pee Alley.

Written by Terry Beard


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