Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed During the Holidays

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed During the Holidays | MaxDaddy CBD Oil Products for Pets

Holidays can be stressful for both you and your dog. It’s important to plan ahead to ensure your dog is safe, comfortable and happy during the holidays. Just like people, dogs can suffer from stress and anxiety. Even the most outgoing dogs can become anxious or stressed when they:

  • Are separated from their owner
  • Must leave home
  • Face new people or situations
  • Have a change in their daily routine
  • Hear loud noises from repetitive knocking or door bells, thunder, fireworks, loud music or celebrations

Holidays can be especially stressful for your dog because they may involve one or more of the above stressors and triggers. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to support your dog during this stressful time. Your four-legged AND two-legged family members will appreciate it.

How to Keep Your Dog Calm, Comfortable and Relaxed During the Holidays

Here are some ideas to support your dog:

  • Sticking to your regular routine as much as possible.
  • Exercising your dog before the festivities begin.
  • Setting up a room as a quiet space for your dog to take a break from the action. Include a dog bed, fresh water and a few their favorite toys, including those that help to release excess energy like chew toys as well as toys that keep your dog engaged mentally.
  • Spend one-on-one time with dog during the final count-down to New Year’s and any holidays that involve fireworks or noisemakers.
  • Last but not least, adding CBD oil to your pooch’s diet before they are exposed to known stress or anxiety triggers will help keep them calm and relaxed and better able to deal with stressful situations. MaxDaddy offers multiple CBD oil products for dogs, including treats treats (Bark Nuggets), powder (Bark Dust) or tincture, to incorporate the best method of ingestion and enjoyment for your pet.

Traveling with Your Dog Over the Holidays

Traveling with a pet can be stressful for both you and your dog. If holiday travel includes traveling in a car, its helpful to know the pet-friendly restaurants, hotels and rest-stops along the way. Visit or download the Bring Fido app to know the best places where you and your dog can eat, stay or play during your road trip.

If your dog is normally anxious when traveling in the car, a long road trip can be extremely stressful. Dog treats with CBD can help your dog relax, be less anxious and maybe even sleep part of the time. If your dog is anxious and paces around inside the car, a seat belt harness should be used to keep your dog safely seated. Also, in addition your dog’s collar and leash, remember to bring dog food, a water bowl, pet waste bags and their favorite toys along for the ride.

If traveling by plane and your pet is a service animal, be sure to understand the rules and documentation required for your dog that you will need to have with you while you travel. Call the airline ahead of time to get their specific list of requirements to be able to bring your dog on the plane. If your pet will be traveling in the cargo area, be sure to check out airline reviews by pet owners who regularly fly with their pets and know which airlines take the best care of pets. Dog treats with CBD are great for on-the-go and can help your dog comfortable and be less anxious while traveling on a plane either together with you in the cabin or without you in the cargo area.

Here’s to clam and relaxing holidays for all.

Keep Your Dog Calm and Relaxed During the Holidays | MaxDaddy CBD Oil Products for Pets

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