How to Help Your Dog or Puppy with Separation Anxiety

Have you ever come home after a long day’s work to find your new leather chair destroyed, pillows or cushions ripped to shreds, or your favorite belt your dog’s latest chew toy? Dogs and puppies suffering from separation anxiety can show their distress in destructive, loud and troubling ways. Often a dog’s behavioral problems are a reaction to the stress of being alone and the uncertainty of when their favorite person will return.

Understanding Your Dog’s or Puppy’s Separation Anxiety

Dogs and puppies from rescues and animal shelters are sometimes desperate for a sense of security having been abandoned, neglected, or even abused. Imagine if you were passed around from one home to the next trying to find the right “family fit”, and then end up at an animal shelter.

It’s also not uncommon for dogs with stable backgrounds to suffer from separation anxiety. Dogs that have lived with their families their entire life, can experience distress when they are home alone.

Signs and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Dogs and Puppies

While it might be difficult to observe some of the behavior your dog or puppy might be displaying while you’re gone, some of your dog’s signs and symptoms indicating separation anxiety might be fairly easy to spot. Often you can rely on your annoyed neighbor letting you know what’s happening while you’re gone. Other times, your dog or puppy might even show some symptoms while you’re still present.

  • Barking, whining, or howling
  • Messy accidents even though housebroken
  • Obsessive pacing
  • Unusual panting, drooling, or salivating
  • Destructive behavior like chewing or digging
  • Houdini-like escape and evasion skills
How to Help Your Dog or Puppy with Separation Anxiety | MaxDaddy

How to Help a Dog or Puppy with Separation Anxiety

Before medicating you beloved four-legged family member with prescription or over-the-counter medicines, which can have multiple side effects, try some of the following ideas to calm your dog a natural way:

  • Exercise you dog before you leave.
  • Say goodbye to your dog long before you leave.
  • Don’t make a big deal out of leaving and coming back home.
  • Get your dog used to being alone by working up to longer periods of time.
  • Provide puzzle toys to keep your dog busy and engaged.
  • Leave the radio on while you’re gone. Radio stations with a lot of calm conversations work best.
  • Consider supporting your dog with natural calming supplements like CBD.

CBD for Dogs Suffering from Separation Anxiety

If you own a dog with anxiety issues, consider trying CBD Oil or dog treats with CBD. CBD oil comes from whole-plant hemp and is safe for dogs. It is non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t get your dog high. When a dog experiences stress, it causes a chemical imbalance. CBD bonds with your dog’s cannabinoid receptors and can help bring your dog back into emotional balance. Learn how CBD works in pets.

It’s very important to choose a high-quality CBD pet product and follow the recommended dosage on the packaging. MaxDaddy products are made with 100% all natural and organic ingredients and use a supercritical CO2 extraction process to ensure the highest quality CBD that is free from heavy metals, solvents and other toxins. The CBD in MaxDaddy products come only from hemp farms that are licensed, registered or permitted to grow industrial hemp in the states in which the hemp farms operate. Both the raw CBD oil we use as an ingredient in our products and the finished MaxDaddy CBD products are third-party tested to verify CBD potency and to ensure our products are from pesticides and other contaminants.


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