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We all want the very best four our furry family members, giving them a calm, loving and happy home. This includes feeding them a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise and sharing quality time together.

Here at MaxDaddy, we set out to raise the bar on our popular pet products with CBD by introducing new healthy ingredients, sourcing the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil and using the latest technology to ensure our products are safe and effective in helping all pets live their best life. Enhancements to our Bark Nuggets include:

  • A new grain-free recipe to keep your dog healthy.
  • 36 percent more active CBD in every chew.
  • CO2 or vapor extraction process used to ensure the full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD used in our products is the purest, safest and most effective available.
  • Delicious bacon, pumpkin and peanut butter flavor we know your dog will love!
  • New web transparency tool giving you the ability to look-up the Certificate of Analysis (COA) on the full spectrum hemp oil used in every MaxDaddy product. You can match the lot number on the back of a package with the lot number on our website.

New Nugget Guidelines

Because our new formula Bark Nuggets have 36% more CBD in every chew, we put together new guidelines for how many chews to give you dog. Keep in mind that every dog is different and you may have to adjust the number of chews higher or lower than the recommended chews shown below.

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