Tips for Bringing Home a Rescue Pup

Tips For Bringing Home A Rescue Pup | MaxDaddy Products for Pets

July 21st is National No Pet Store Puppies Day. In honor of this important day, we wanted to provide some helpful tips to those who are thinking of adopting a rescue. While bringing home a new pup is always a joyous occasion, it is important to know ahead of time that it might not be an easy transition for them. Rescues often come from situations where the dog has been neglected or even abused. It may take some time for your rescue pup to feel safe and learn to trust. Although it can be a challenge at first, winning the love and trust of a dog, especially one who may not have had the best start in life, is a rewarding experience that you will never forget.

Here are some ways that can make the transition process easier for your furry family member:

  • Prepare your home. It’s important to plan ahead where you will designate space in your home for your pup. If your dog is not going to be crated, you will need to make sure the space they are left alone in is safe and comfortable. Remove anything that your pup could get into including cleaning supplies, food, or anything breakable. Set up baby gates if you plan to restrict access into certain areas of your home. Prepare spaces that are cozy and safe rest areas. Perhaps even consider having a bed in several spots. If you have a yard, make sure it is secure and that there are no areas where your pup could get out.
  • Make sure you have all the proper supplies:
    • Good quality dog food and treats
    • Food and water bowls
    • Toys, including safe chew toys. Avoid cheap plastic.
    • Brush & comb for grooming, including flea comb
    • Collar with license and ID tag
    • Leash
    • Training crate
    • Dog bed or box with warm blanket or towel
    • Dog toothbrush
    • Poop bags
  • Plan some bonding time for you and your new pup. When you first bring new pup home, it’s a good idea to clear your schedule for a few days. This will allow you and your pup the time you need to fall into a good routine and get to know each other.
  • Let your pup come to you. This may be challenging since new pet owners are often excited and want to cuddle with their pet. Being in constant close proximity however, may be overwhelming. Do your best to read the situation and ease into cuddling and petting.
  • Remain calm. Depending on the dog, sudden movement or loud voices can cause added anxiety in your rescue. Talk to family members about keeping the noise level to a minimum. Dogs also have the ability to pick up on our mood. If you are calm and collected, it will encourage the same behavior.
Tips For Bringing Home A Rescue Pup | MaxDaddy Products for Pets
  • Be gentle when correcting behavior. Yelling at your rescue pup will only lead them to more fear and anxiety. Be firm but gentle and remember that if you don’t catch your dog in the act of doing something wrong, they can’t associate your frustration with their behavior. Good behavior should be rewarded. Your pup will learn that if they follow rules and commands they will be rewarded with a treat. Use the reward system wisely since over-rewarding could reduce the value of it. If your pup has an anxious personality, try giving them CBD dog treats. MaxDaddy Bark Nuggets are a good way to reward your pup while helping to keep them calm.
  • Encourage play time and get in a routine of walking your pup. Depending on the dog, this might be challenging at first. Your rescue might be shy so don’t force play and avoid being overly rough. Walking your pup at the same time every day will get them in a good routine. Also do not let your dog off the leash until you have built trust. Only let you dog off the leash in a secured area.
  • Feeding and grooming. Both of these activities are opportunities to bond with your rescue. When you put food down, stick around them for a while but don’t pet them. Dogs like to feel safe when they eat so your presence will be comforting to them. Should your pup suffer from anxiety, nervousness, or stress, support your new family member by adding MaxDaddy Bark Dust to the food. Grooming and brushing your dog should be an enjoyable time for them. Ease into this process and if they seem hesitant, back off for a bit.
  • Leaving your pup alone. It’s a good idea to practice leaving the house for short periods of time since rescue pups can often have separation anxiety. You might also consider getting a doggy cam like a Furbo. This could be helpful when you eventually leave your pup alone for longer periods. These devices let you check in on your dog, offer them treats and even communicate with them through your smartphone. Some doggy cams even let you know when your pup is barking so you can check in on them.

While it will take patience and dedication, you and your rescue will change each other’s lives for the better. By choosing to raise a rescue, you are giving them a second chance at life and you are sure to create some beautiful memories together. For more information on No Pet Store Puppies Day please visit the ASPCA website.

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