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MaxDaddy’s Story

MaxDaddy is an often obstinate, always lovable, rescued English bulldog who found his forever family at the extra wrinkly age of five. MaxDaddy came with a heap of challenges including joint pain due to arthritis, inflammation, anxiety and mobility issues that together, prevented him from enjoying life to the fullest.

While researching solutions to MaxDaddy’s list of health concerns, MaxDaddy’s pet parent was introduced to CBD, a natural product derived from agriculturally grown hemp plants. After reviewing all of the existing pet products on the market with CBD, we saw an opportunity to develop our own line of CBD pet treats and tinctures focusing on CBD quality and using all natural and certified organic ingredients.

Using the best ingredients and figuring out the right CBD dosing requirements, the MaxDaddy line of CBD pet products was born. We tested the products on MaxDaddy and observed remarkable results. He became more active and was able to move more freely and now wanted to play and interact with people on a regular basis. One-by-one, we were able to replace most of MaxDaddy’s prescription medications (and their harmful side effects) with CBD dog treats giving him a happier, healthier life in the process.

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